F-1 OPT to H1-B Change of Status: Tips and Strategies

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  • Date 01-02-2023
F-1 OPT to H1-B Change of Status: Tips and Strategies, Online Event
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F-1 OPT to H1-B Change of Status: Tips and Strategies
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Online Event
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VisaPro LLC
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Rose Kelly
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Business and Immigration
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Online Event

Free Webinar: Attendees will walk away with an enhanced understanding of:

1. H1B Pre-Registration For FY 2023: All You Need To Know
2. CPT, OPT, STEM Extension: Does It Make A Difference For H-1B Cap Filing?
3. H-1B “Cap Gap”: What Is It And How To Bridge The Cap Gap?
4. No Degree Certificate: Can You Still File H-1B Petition?
5. Does Your US Master’s Degree Qualify For The Master’s Cap?
6. Change Of Status OR Consular Process: Which Is Better?
7. OPT STEM Extension: Is It Necessary If The H-1B Petition Is Selected?
8. Travel Restrictions While The H-1B Petition Is Pending
9. New Unlawful Presence Rule: What You Must Keep In Mind
10. Next Steps After H-1B Petition Approval
11. Typical Case Scenarios

PLUS: Q&A With The Immigration Lawyer

This Webinar will show you how to successfully file F-1 to H-1B Change of Status petition and how to bridge the Cap Gap. 
Reserve your spot today at: https://www.visapro.com/events/f1-opt-to-h1b-change-of-status/

Ms. Ancy Varghese, a senior U.S. Immigration Lawyer with 14+ years in practicing immigration law, will provide practical solutions, suggestions, and typical case scenarios for securing H-1B visas successfully.

Employers filing H-1B petitions for F-1 students need to ensure that the H-1B registrations are submitted during the acceptance period, and during the students’ authorized period of stay. This webinar will present the procedures to successfully file F-1 to H-1B Change of Status petitions, and avoid undesirable break in employment due to cap-gap.

Reserve your spot at: https://www.visapro.com/events/f1-opt-to-h1b-change-of-status/

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