CATS IN SPACE at Islington Assembly Hall - London

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  • Location London, England, United Kingdom
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  • Date 15-12-2024
CATS IN SPACE at Islington Assembly Hall - London, London, England, United Kingdom
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CATS IN SPACE at Islington Assembly Hall - London
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London, England, United Kingdom
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Born Again Concerts
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Born Again Concerts
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London, England, United Kingdom

The undisputed kings of classic rock CATS IN SPACE - TIME MACHINE TOUR 2024

£24 adv. // 6pm

Imagine if you will, a heady mix of Queen, ELO, Elton John and all things 70s... then you have CATS in SPACE - a band brimming with majestic songs, boasting soaring vocal harmonies, power chord guitars, thundering drums and bass and huge, symphonic keyboards.


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Now in 2024 the band are returning in style with their magnificent 'TIME MACHINE' TOUR - another visual spectacle that is no tribute... This is the real deal. So, buckle up and get ready for take off, this is a Rock Show you will never forget!

"the best band to emerge since the turn of the Millennium" -Sea of Tranquility, USA

"Horns parp, choirs wail, guitars soar like roving search beams and Queen's 'A Night At The Opera' hears it all and goes home with its tail between its legs"
- Classic Rock Magazine, UK - Top 50 album of the year

"...they are the undisputed kings of British classic rock..."
- Sentinel Daily, Australia

"...Its escapism not heard on this kind of cinematic scale since 'Quadrophenia' and 'War of the Worlds'...Utterly showstopping..."
-Tone Music, Japan

"..The Number One album of the year..."
- Fireworks Magazine, UK

"For the encore there really can be only one their piece de resistance, their 'Stairway to Heaven', their 'Bohemian Rhapsody', their 'Freebird', claims its rightful place as the show's finale. Yes, I truly believe that CATS' epic 'Greatest Story Never Told' is worthy of such accolades..." - FIREWORKS MAGAZINE

"Take your pick of any song played tonight and you'll get lost in a mini-symphony with its own story, leaving us once again marvelling at the strength of the catalogue and the power of what had been witnessed tonight." - METAL TALK

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Artist: Cats In Space

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General Admission: GBP 24.00
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Islington Assembly Hall  Upper Street  Pin/Zip Code : N1 2UD
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