14th Annual Juneteenth NYC Festival - Virtual and Live 3-day Celebration

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  • Location New York, United States
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  • Date 16-06-2023 - 18-06-2023
14th Annual Juneteenth NYC Festival - Virtual and Live 3-day Celebration, New York, United States
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14th Annual Juneteenth NYC Festival - Virtual and Live 3-day Celebration
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16-06-2023 to 18-06-2023
New York, United States
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Umoja Events
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Juneteenth NY
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New York, United States

Juneteenth is the oldest, nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States of America. Two and a half years after the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, where Black people were considered free and delivered from enslavement.

Our annual Juneteenth Family Fun Day Festival gathers 20,000+ attendees local to the NYC community to enjoy a vibrant day of rich culture through music, dance, poetry, skits, history, vendors, and family activities for single-family homes, married with children, and extended family.

Across the United States, people of all walks of life share the understanding that July 4th is the long-time celebration of the Declaration of Independence. America was finally free from the dependence of the British and was considered to be an independent collection of nations. However, Africans in America did not share that experience, for they were still being owned and considered 3/5ths of a man. On June 19, 1865, news came from the soldiers who landed in Galveston, Texas that the Civil War had ended and that slaves were now free; hence our celebration of Juneteenth is the Black Independence Day.

In honor of this long time coming, Africans in America have celebrated with food, dancing, singing, and celebration of the right to live and pursue happiness outside of being owned by another human being. Today, through organized efforts and collaborations of different organizations, solidarity in how we celebrate is showcased through literary expression and images of the numerous shades of Black in music, technology, art, science, and business takes center stages throughout communities that reflect a new generation of talent. These communities are the site where the torches of inspiration are passed and are encouraged to continue the tradition of celebrating annually.

In the past we have had 5,000 -10,000 attendees. This year we are expecting over 25,000 attendees across the weekend of events.

Juneteenth NY Is an organization for the community by the community. We pride ourselves in education, empowerment and edutainment at each level of growth. We look forward to celebrating this national celebration with you, your family and our community of Cultural seekers.

There will be vendors, amazing local talent, food representing our culture, a community art project, fashion show, an award dinner, and much more. Register to stay tuned to all of the updates that are in store.

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