Guest Post Guidelines

We are happy to welcome you here. We appreciate that you have taken interest in contributing to our site as a guest. Hence, we take this opportunity to keep you aware of certain rules that will govern your posting with us. The rules have been introduced with a view to implementing a system of check on the quality of a posting and at the same time, to create a symphony among all the postings contributed by individuals/organisations. On the while, the rules will work towards the greater good befitting everyone involved.

Guidelines for the guest posting:

  • Unique: All contents that you submit on our site must be free from plagiarism. You will be solely responsible for the legal consequences in the case where your write up is found to be plagiarised.
  • Restraint: You must maintain a restraint on your words when you write a posting and when you receive any flak from our readers. In other words, under no circumstances, you will be using unsavoury words. Failing this, we may delete your post arbitrarily without citing any reason.
  • Title: If you are sharing a post published earlier with some other site, you must mention it while sharing the same with us.
  • Contemporary: All posts must be non-fictional and contemporary. Having said that, we mean your post must be useful to the present genre. You can include photographs to make the content authentic and interesting.
  • Non-promotional: Please avoid writing any promotional post on our site. We, however, reserve the right to advertise on the page that will be free from the conflicting interest of the post.
  • Format: You should follow a simple and aligned text format with a logical sequence.
  • Language: All posts must be in English. Please maintain a lucid and storytelling style.
  • Credit: We give credit of a posting to its writer. You are, therefore, required to mention a short biodata at the end of a posting.

We reserve the right to proofread and edit your post or as may be required based on the scope of work on your posting.