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Integrated Pest Management Course

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Integrated Pest Management Course
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28-08-2017 to 01-09-2017
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Nairobi, Kenya

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Indepth Research Services
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Nairobi, Kenya

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is defined as a pest management system that utilizes all suitable techniques in a total management system with the intent of preventing pests from reaching unacceptable levels or to reduce an existing population to an acceptable level.

IPM is based on taking preventive measures, monitoring the crop or site for the level of the pests, assessing the potential for pest damage, and choosing appropriate actions. Many different tactics may be available, including cultural practices, biological control agents, pesticides, pest-resistant varieties, mechanical methods and physical barriers. In IPM, these tactics may be combined into a plan that best suits the particular situation. It is a comprehensive approach dedicated to removing causes rather than just treating symptoms. This five day training course is intended to guide farmers on pest eradication using environmentally friendly means to yield improved farm results.


5 days


This course is intended for various actors in the Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers, senior agricultural officials and policy makers) working with communities, in governments, funding agencies, Research organizations and non-government organizations among others for Agriculture support activities and other Development programmes.


Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts and elements involved in integrated pest management.
  • Develop education and extension programmes on integrated pest and crop management.
  • Understand essential components and the general ecological considerations in IPM.
  • Gain skills on organic agriculture practices as a method of pest control.
  • Gain insight on monitoring and evaluation skills in IPM.
  • Understand the impacts of IPM to agriculture.
  • Identify the benefits of IPM.

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USD 826
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Indepth Research Services Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. 
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