While it's certainly a surprise that 2K made a deal like this

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  • Date 28-11-2022 - 30-12-2022
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While it's certainly a surprise that 2K made a deal like this
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28-11-2022 to 30-12-2022
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While it's certainly a surprise that 2K made a deal like this
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While it's certainly a surprise that 2K made a deal like this
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Its J. Cole cover is one of four covers for 2K23 MT the new edition of 2K with the other ones featuring Michael Jordan, Devin Booker and a duo featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi. NBA 2K23 discussions have been being discussed on social media in recent days, especially with NBA ratings declining this week. Kevin Durant even took at humorous remark when his 2K rating was released.On the week leading up to the game's releasewe spoke with Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K about the choice to put MJ on the cover, instead of LeBron, why Devin Booker was selected over other NBA stars MyCareer, ProAm gameplay, and much more.

As someone who's apart of the process, what is the most exciting thing you're looking forward to about in NBA 2K23? Well, getting to put Jordan as the front cover is always amazing and also working with himis a dream, as is the statement that makes us about our game: the greatest ever. It speaks volumes about what we're trying make from a business perspective but then also for what the game's future will be.

We have the Jordan challenges. They're back, but they're bigger. Better. There's been a lot of buzz about about, each and every one of them, but the one that's going be extremely emotional and the one i'm most eager to go back to and revisiting is Kobe. The first game will be against one another. It's going be thrilling. I'm a huge MyTeam player so I was pretty excited about to signing more contracts and a three-way online-based co-op.

You've recently revealed J. Cole having his own album cover. How did this happen and why? Three and a quarter years ago when he dropped a shot during an interruption on the All-Star Weekend Saturday Night, J. Cole said 'Ronnie I'd love to be in MyCareer and assist you in thinking about the possibility of that.I collaborated with the team on bringing this into existence, and it was a perfect fit to collaborate with him. But I am awestruck that it's known as the Dreamer Edition, because it was like one of those dreams which came Buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins true over the course of several years. It took a long time to actually make this happen.

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