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Purposeful EdTech Practices: Preparing Students for Workforce, Boston

Purposeful EdTech Practices: Preparing Students for Workforce, Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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Purposeful EdTech Practices: Preparing Students for Workforce, Boston
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18-07-2019 to 19-07-2019
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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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mindSpark Learning
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

In this two-day institute, participants will discover emerging EdTech practices and techniques, and learn how to implement these strategies to better prepare students for the modern workforce.

In this two-day institute, participants will engage in emerging education technology (EdTech) practices and techniques, while focusing on how to implement these techniques in the classroom so that students are better prepared for the modern workforce. Attendees will be exposed to EdTech in a variety of ways, and learn more about how it can support workflow, collaboration, communication, engagement and creation with colleagues and students alike. Participants will obtain the tools and support they need to become digital navigators and excellent EdTech leaders in their schools and classrooms, ensuring that students aren't just bystanders to technological advances but critics and contributors to their future.

Key Content:
- Examine the "why" behind EdTech, and specifically design EdTech integration that prepares students for the uncertainty they face in the future workforce.
- Use industry practices to guide development of a tech vision statement for the educator's classroom, driving all future classroom tech integration.
- Learn techniques to prepare students for a collaborative workforce.
- Analyze critical competencies to align student soft-skill goals to industry qualifications in tech and non-tech industries.
- Redesign curricular use of technology based on classroom needs and workforce readiness standards.
- Co-construct application techniques to apply industry practices with curriculum and standards, as well as with fellow faculty.
- Evaluate authentic opportunities to partner with industry so that students can foster core competencies.

Who Should Attend:
- Teachers
- Administrators
- Instructional coaches
- Educators at all levels
- Tech coaches and specialists
- Schools on the cutting edge of innovation in education

Cost: $300

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

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Purchase One Ticket: USD 300.00, Institute Bundle (Buy Three Get One On Us): USD 900.00.
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