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Specialized Exporting and Importing - online live webinar on November 2017 by Training Doyens. Export Import Business Training | Import Export Course Online. This export import training will provide international logistics materials that will examine the supply chain networks and procedures recommended by the U.S

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Specialized Exporting and Importing

Specialized Exporting and Importing, Denver, Colorado, United States
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Specialized Exporting and Importing
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Denver, Colorado, United States

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Denver, Colorado, United States


The specialized exporting and import training that will address the supply chain and channel of distribution documentation that is used by importers, exporters and the U.S. customs regulations for filing and recording trading transactions.

It focuses on how International Commercial Documents will affect the organization compliance procedures throughout the import and export process. Lastly, we address the International Insurance and Customs Clearance that will influence the record-keeping compliance procedures for the importer and exporter when conducting business in a foreign port of entry.


This functional analysis will help to address each customs process that includes market research of trading theory and its application process for goods that are sold in foreign markets. For this reason; the entrepreneurs must be aware of international logistics policies, procedures, and laws that are associated international transactions. For entrepreneurs who do not have a proper understanding of the global transactional processes and a strategic supply plan that can implement to transport their goods. Then, those entrepreneurs may be confronted with a channel of distribution problems will cause delay fined and confiscated of their products during the logistics transaction process.


As a result, this specialized exporting and importing online seminar provides the entrepreneurs with analytical tools to reviews the trading drivers that correlated theories of international trade and customs policies that should be used to sustain a comparative advantage of the movement their goods through International Product Life Cycle of the trading transactions. We will also address why the importance of understanding the logistics functions in the context of supply chain management. Lastly, we will discuss the international transportation when it comes to the insurance of the goods and means of payment from the seller to the intermediaries that are used and customs procedures that will involve the entry, warehousing, selling of the product and return it to the country of origin.


This online seminar will provide international logistics materials that will examine the supply chain networks and procedures that are recommended by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities when conducting the logistic transactions in this global market.


Key Topics to be addressed include:

  • What is the specific documentation effect on the logistics businesses?
  • What are the elements of specialized logistics?
  • How the contract agreement will influence the terms of payment and the letter of credit process.
  • How do the international commercial and insurance documentation that influence entrepreneurs’ channel of the distribution process?
  • What are the international packaging procedures for exporting of goods and their responsibilities in the exportation process?
  • Explaining some of the terms and procedures of Customs clearance, and why the importer and exporter must know that.
  • Describing some of the “good practices” in the specialized logistics arena that entrepreneurs should be aware of so that they may obtain a strategic advantage over their competitors in the local business environment.

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This export import training will provide international logistics materials that will examine the supply chain networks and procedures recommended by the U.S

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