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“Why Didn’t That Go as Planned?” - Understanding and Strategizing Change Management

“Why Didn’t That Go as Planned?” - Understanding and Strategizing Change Management, Aurora, Colorado, United States
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“Why Didn’t That Go as Planned?” - Understanding and Strategizing Change Management
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Aurora, Colorado, United States

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Aurora, Colorado, United States


Many of us have been part of a marginally effective or failed change effort. As much as 70% of formal change initiatives fail. And the remaining 30% are sometimes not completely successful or take more time and resources than originally planned. This change management training will present approaches to assist organiza-tions with planning & implementing change strategies that improve the success ratio and provide tools to help evaluate readiness, define resources needed, assess progress during and maintain a coherent process.

Today the pace of change seems to continually accelerate and it is important to understand the critical elements that contribute to both failure and success. From small process or policy changes to organization wide fundamental systems changes, slow and me-thodical, organic and incremental to leaping from “what is” to “what could or must be” for success.


If you never have been assigned a change initiative or just want to learn more about how, what, and why change is difficult sometimes and how to implement change in the workplace this will help you think about and plan for the next change tomorrow! If you are experienced and successful in organizational change management this may provide some other tools and organizational change management strategies to help you communicate throughout the process and assist in keeping more people on board. And if you don’t want to lose good people through a change that impacts them, this could help with messaging the value and contributions of those closest to the change.


• Why change
• Change fatigue and the antidote
• What is change management
• 8 step process for implementing change in an organization
• Tools and techniques
• Leadership and management skills


Participants will learn about organizational change management and how both the process and people impact perspectives. From incremental, sometimes insidious organic types we hardly notice, to the systemic strategic organization and life changing event. How to best manage the process and people is critical to any change effort. Take away include the Kotter 8 steps to change, 20 dos and don’ts for change management, change as a human process, the formula for change: readiness, resources and progress measures, and references to key resources.


• Anyone who sees change all around them
• Is assigned to lead “change”
• Has struggled with change and wants to understand more about it
• First line leaders, those caught in the middle, who regularly must implement change and explain the purpose and why it will help everyone


Bob Verchota is owner and senior consultant for RP Verchota & Associates, a consulting firm providing services to clients who seek to align their business and employees, creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 30+ years in Human Resources senior leadership roles and teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in Leadership and Organizational Development, Bob transitioned to using his experience and skills in consulting.

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Learn how to implement change in the workplace using simple tools and organizational change management strategies. Also, understand why change is often difficult and how to overcome the resistance.

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