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How to Prepare for an OCR HIPAA Breach Investigation

How to Prepare for an OCR HIPAA Breach Investigation, Middletown, Delaware, United States
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How to Prepare for an OCR HIPAA Breach Investigation
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Middletown, Delaware, United States

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Hipaa Ijona
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Middletown, Delaware, United States


There has been a trend towards  higher settlements payments. There were 7 recent settlements over $1  million including $5.5 million, $3.9 million, and $2.75 million and 12  overall resolutions settlements. In 2017, there was continued HIPAA  enforcement with a number of new settlements announced and the trend  continues in 2018.

Roger Severino, the Director of OCR, has said  "enforcement is a key aspect of HIPAA" and organizations must embrace a  "new posture of preventive security."

If your organization  experiences a HIPAA breach, OCR will be conducting an investigation and  requesting compliance policies and procedures, risk assessment reports  and training records. Find out how to prepare. The presenter for this  webinar has worked with organizations under investigation by OCR. 

Attendees  will leave the webinar clearly understanding of all the requirements  that must be in place for HIPAA and how to demonstrate compliance if  investigated.

Why should you attend this webinar?

If  your organization is the subject of an OCR breach investigation, you  will be required to respond to a data request letter providing details  about how the breach was caused, HIPAA training provided to the  workforce, documentation for safeguarding patient Protected Health  Information, and indicate how you addressed all required security  safeguards. This starts with the understanding the fundamentals of a  HIPAA and how you will be required to demonstrate your organization's  compliance program.

This webinar will look at each step in the  breach investigation process. This includes defining what a breach is,  the penalty possibilities, and responding to the OCR Data Request  Letter. 

If your healthcare practice, business, or organization  needs to understand how to be prepared for to deal with a breach and  make sure your current safeguards are adequate and can withstand a  government investigation, please join us for this informative and  interactive course.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Defining HIPAA, HITECH and the Omnibus Rule
  • What is a HIPAA Data Breach?
  • How to Prepare for a Breach Investigation
  • HIPAA Enforcement - Case Examples
  • Understanding HIPAA penalties and settlements
  • Understanding the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules
  • Understanding what a HIPAA Compliance Program is
  • How to Demonstrate Compliance
  • What HIPAA Policies and Procedures need to be in place
  • Q&A

Who can Benefit:

  • Physician Owners
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • HIPAA Security Officer
  • Practice Managers
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • General Counsel/lawyer
  • Office Manager
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Any Business Associates that accesses protected health information
  • Practice Management Consultants
  • IT Companies that support Medical/Dental practices or other healthcare organizations

Speaker Profile:

Jay Hodes is Keynote Speaker  at HIPAA Ijona - a unit of Ijona Services. He is a leading expert in  HIPAA compliance and President of Colington Consulting. His company  provides HIPAA consulting services for healthcare providers and business  associates. Mr. Hodes has over 30 years of combined experience in risk  assessments, site security evaluation, regulatory compliance, policy and  procedures assessments, and Federal law enforcement management. He is  the former Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services.

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Email: [email protected]

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Phone: +1 302-828-0033

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