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International Conference on Business Management- ICM19Las Vegas

International Conference on Business Management- ICM19Las Vegas, Las Vegas/USA, Nevada, United States
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International Conference on Business Management- ICM19Las Vegas
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24-05-2019 to 25-05-2019
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Las Vegas/USA, Nevada, United States

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Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars Organizing, Dubai-UAE & GBRJ
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Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars Organizing, Dubai-UAE & GBRJ
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Non Technical
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Las Vegas/USA, Nevada, United States

Please submit your manuscripts/case studies/ posters in any of the areas/topics indicated below:


Business Ethics, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Business Performance Management, Business Statistics, Currency Crisis, Comparative Economic Systems, Developmental Economics, Development Planning and Policy, Economic Development, Economic Methodology, Economic Policy, Economic Systems, Euro Bonds, Entrepreneurship, Family Economics, Financial Economics, Geo-Political Risks, Global Economic Crisis, Green Economics, Government Deficit, Health Economics, Household Behavior and Family Economics, International Economics, Investment Climate, International Business, Labor Markets, Labor Economics, Labor Relations & Human Resource Management, Law and Economics, Macro Economics, Managerial Economics, Micro Economics, Millennium Development Goals, Prices, Business Fluctuations and Cycles, Public Administration, Small Business, Public Economics and Finance, Regulatory Economics, Welfare Economics, Public Economics, Roll-over Risk, Shocks & Vulnerabilities, Sovereign Debt, Sovereign Bond, Supply Chain Economics, Tourism Economics, Taxes, Tax Heaven and other related areas. Agricultural Innovation, Bio-diversity, Climate Change, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Community-driven Development, Culture Heritage and Sustainable Tourism, Food Crisis, Land Resources Management, Ocean and Hotel Management, Renewable Energy Resources, Solid Waste Management, Water Management, Water Resources Management.


Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Communications Management, Change Management, Conflict Management, Crisis Management, Cost Management, Competitor Analysis, Corporate Analysis, Decision Sciences, Group Behavior, Industrial Relations, Individual Behavior, Innovation, Information Technology Management, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Motivation, Management of change, Management Science, Organizational Development, Production and Organizations, Production/Operations Management, Public Relations, Public Responsibility and Ethics, Project Management, Risk Management, Resource Management, Strategy, Stress Management, System Management, Systems Thinking, Strategic Management, Strategic Management Policy, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Technological Change; Research and Development, Technology & Innovation, Task Analysis, Work-Life Balance.

(The topics given are just suggestive in nature. You may feel free to submit manuscripts on related topics in your area of specialization.)

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Circus Circus Hotel, 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA  Pin/Zip Code : 89109
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