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Seattle Entrepreneur 5.0

Seattle Entrepreneur 5.0, Seattle, Washington, United States
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Seattle Entrepreneur 5.0
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Seattle, Washington, United States

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Entrepreneurs Institute
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Non Technical
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Seattle, Washington, United States

Imagine that there is one place, wherein one morning you can gain an in-depth understanding of the steps you need to take to grow your business by 10 times in the next year.

An event where you can connect with like-minded Entrepreneurs all of whom are looking for the simplest and fastest ways to accelerate their growth, in your own local city!

Well, now you can.

We have created a brand new series of events called the Entrepreneur 5.0.

We know that as busy Entrepreneurs, like us, you are looking for the simplest, fastest and most succinct tips, tools and connections to accelerate their business. We also know you don’t have the time to attend week-long events and workshops, so we are bringing you a brand new event. The Entrepreneur 5.0

Just like it says in the title, Entrepreneur 5.0 is the fastest, easiest and most productive way for you to spend an afternoon. Roger James Hamilton will be sharing all of his experiences and strategies for growing multi-million dollar businesses and teams. You will be getting the information and connections it could otherwise take you weeks to acquire.

Roger will show you how to measure where you are at right now using my Impact Meter - an assessment based system of practical steps to take to 10x your company through each one of the 7 levels of an enterprise. Once you know where you are at, you will gather the steps to take you to 10x to the next level.

Plus stay for afternoon bonus sessions on how to 'Live and work anywhere' and 'Impact Investing'

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Seattle, Washington, United States