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Closing the Generational Gap

Closing the Generational Gap, Online Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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Closing the Generational Gap
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Online Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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Online Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

For the first time in history, there are 4, in some cases 5, generations working alongside one another in the workplace and in the customer/client to professional relationship. Differences across these generations can create frustration, tension and breakdowns in communication. These problems can stall productivity and create hostile interactions and environments that lead to disengagement and dissatisfaction. Creating a culture where generational differences are understood, welcomed and even leveraged can result in higher performance, happier employees, happier clients and better results. 

This unique and highly engaging session will engage every attendee, no matter the age, as they learn about the differences and similarities across the five generations in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create cross-generational synergy that drives results. Attendees will walk away understanding general characteristics of each generation, why these characteristics are as they are, how they tend to show up at work and how each generation best receives leadership. 



- Demonstrate a deeper understanding of generational characteristics and why each are the way they are

- Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with members of different generations

- Acquire new insights on how each generation prefers to be managed and lead to action

- Appreciate generational diversity as an organizational strength 

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Raven is a national keynote speaker, author and Multigenerational Leadership Expert who delivers insightful, impactful and engaging keynote presentations and workshops on the topics of multigenerational leadership and generational dynamics in the workplace.

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