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Scale up your business into Germany

Scale up your business into Germany, London, United Kingdom
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Scale up your business into Germany
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London, United Kingdom

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Economic Policy Group
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Non Technical
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Business Development

London, United Kingdom

Düsseldorf is Germany’s number one city for foreign direct investment. It is centrally located, has a city government that is pro-business, with a safe environment, moderate living costs and with the famous Rhineland hospitality. The region is second only to London in attracting FDI in Europe. Foreigners make up 17% of the city, Mercer’s Annual Quality of Living Survey ranks Düsseldorf as the sixth best city to live in the world.

The top industries in the city region are creative industries, tech and startups, biotechnology, banking and professional services and fashion. It has become a hub for Europe’s digital economy, thanks to the city’s unique cluster of mobile technology firms, startups and industrial manufacturing companies.

This event is aimed at growing companies, especially in technology sectors, that are considering establishing a base in Germany. Offering specialist advice and company case studies, the seminar hosted by the City of Düsseldorf is free of charge but has limited places.

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