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Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018 - Conference in Geneva, Genf, Switzerland on April 2018 by IQPC Worldwide. important dates, call for papers, venue, speakers, abstract submission, research paper, paper submission | Oil and Fuel Theft Summit 2018

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Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018

Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018, Geneva, Genf, Switzerland
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Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018
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18-04-2018 to 19-04-2018
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Geneva, Genf, Switzerland

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IQPC Worldwide
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Geneva, Genf, Switzerland

Oil and Fuel theft is a major, global challenge in our industry, with the repercussions of this illicit activity being wide spread from ecological damage to depriving governments of customs and tax revenues and actively funding criminal activities. Estimates suggest that as much as $133 billion worth of oil and fuel is stolen, adulterated, or fraudulently transferred at some point in its supply chain annually. This is a criminal activity that destabilizes markets, states, and even regions; it can no longer be ignored. The new, ‘lower for longer’ oil price has further incentivised the need to tackle this cost to governments and private companies active in the hydrocarbons industry.

The Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018 will create discourse between major stakeholders within the hydrocarbons industry on how we can fight this revenue depriving crime and provide insight on the current solutions available such as: molecular marking, flow management and surveillance. By encouraging collaboration and drawing attention to this issue, we hope that the tide will start to turn on this criminal enterprise.

Visit The Oil & Fuel Theft Summit 2018 to:

  • Discover ways to save your company/government millions in lost revenue or tax/customs.
  • Stop the unnecessary environmental damage caused by careless, illegal handling of oil & fuel.
  • Divert funding away from criminal and terrorist gangs.
  • Put an end to the willful ignorance of the industry and stop those who are complicit in the crime.

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