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16th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation in Lisbon, Portugal on July 2018 by Wessex Institute of Technology

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16th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation

16th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation, Lisbon, Portugal
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16th International Conference on Railway Engineering Design & Operation
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02-07-2018 to 04-07-2018
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Lisbon, Portugal

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Wessex Institute of Technology
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Railway Engineering
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Lisbon, Portugal

The Conference aims to update the use of advanced systems, promoting their general awareness throughout the management, design, manufacture and operation of railways and other emerging passenger, freight and transit systems. It emphasises the use of computer systems in advanced railway engineering.

The meeting attracts a variety of specialists interested in the development of railways, including managers, consultants, railway engineers, designers of advanced train control systems and computer specialists. It provides a forum for researchers, academics and practitioners involved in railway engineering to present and discuss the latest developments.


Advanced train control, Operations quality, Risk management, Planning and policy, Monitoring and maintenance, Energy supply and consumption, Train control systems, Timetable planning, Rescheduling, Safety and security, Railway vehicle dynamics, Driverless and automatic train operation, Operational planning, Systems integration, High speed technology, Interoperability, Computer simulations, Multi-modal integration, Maglev and advanced technologies, Communications and signalling systems, Complex systems, Freight transport, Rail freight transport and logistics, Real time economics, Fares and prices, Monorails, Regional and single track lines, Track design and maintenance, Intelligent railway systems, Big data in railway, Railways and insurance 

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TRYP Lisboa Oriente Hotel, Av. D. João II, Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal.  Pin/Zip Code : 1990-083