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ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance Course - Training or Development Class in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya on December 2017 by Indepth Research Services

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ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance Course

ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance Course, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
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ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance Course
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11-12-2017 to 15-12-2017
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Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

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Indepth Research Services
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Computer Science

Information Technology


Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Event: ICT for Public Participation, Leadership and Governance Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya

Event Date: 11th – 15th December 2017.



In present times, everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT and how to make productive use of it, just to be a good public employee, citizen or even a leader. Learning how to be competent users of ICT technologies is important, so that one becomes successful in their careers in leadership and also be able to efficiently participate in the modern day society.

If one was to count its more than one billion users, Facebook could be considered the third largest nation in the world. Twitter’s more than 200 million monthly active global users can communicate instantly with one another about any subject at any time.

In this era of ICT dominance, citizens, businesses, journalists, and government officials use ICT in a variety of ways: to praise or voice concern about their governments, to spread news, to engender action, and to make government work smarter and better.

New media provides a platform for leaders to help citizens in many directions such appreciating their diversities; solving their problems, sharing experiences and voicing out their salient issues without worries and shame.

This course is designed to enhance ICT knowledge and skills for MPS, Senators, Governors, MCAs, County Coordinators, Ward Coordinator, County Assembly Speakers, Clerks, Assistants to Public Officials, Chiefs, Sub chiefs, all public servants, civil servants and any other individual but is also suitable for other individuals working in the private and public sectors who might be interested in sharpening their ICT skills and techniques for social and economic development.


5 days.


The program will equip participants with practical hands on ICT and social media skills and knowledge for governance, economic and social development.

At the end of the course, participants will become familiar with using ICT tools, techniques and skills for personal development, governance, social and economic development and the use of new communication technologies to build digital citizenships


  • IT Refresher for executive leaders
  • Online Literacy, privacy and security
  • Presentations and their roles in governance and public participation
  • Social Media for Social Change and Governance
  • Public participation Tools
  • ICT Tools and strategies for social engagement in public organizations

Case Studies:

  • How internet campaign changed politics
  • A review of social media use in government
  • E- parliament and ICT based legislation
  • ICT policy in Kenya

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