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Best Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Goa - Workshop in North Goa, Goa, India on February 2018 by Rajesh Sharma

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Best Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Goa

Best Yoga and Meditation  Retreat - Goa, North Goa, Goa, India
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Best Yoga and Meditation Retreat - Goa
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17-02-2018 to 03-03-2018
North Goa, Goa, India

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Rajesh Sharma
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Non Technical
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North Goa, Goa, India

All the yoga and meditation teachers, spiritual seekers and people who are interested in learning the science of Meditation and art of internalising, to join us in the journey of learning the sacred art of Dharna and Dhyana. The specially designed “SWAN Meditation Teacher Training Program” is an intense and detailed course in spiritual awareness. This course will not only help you to understand Meditation and Yoga but also will help you to realise your true nature and potential. We offering you to join us in the journey of spiritual living, this will enable you to guide others into their journey

We all should make a habit of reflection and contemplation by going deep inside our real self, our true nature. We must distance ourselves from our work, ego, and even our feelings and emotions. If we practise detaching our senses and mind from our body, work, people and world around us, we will reach such a place which is the Source, from where all the experiences are created, where there’s no body, no mind, no world, but something which is just IS. Some call it Consciousness, some call it pure Self, some call it Supreme and some God. Different people grasp it as per their ability and understanding.

If we have to have the access of that, the body, mind and our awareness should become extremely peaceful, subtle and sharp. This is a matter of experience, not of imagination. The process of reaching that source is the primary focus of all religions and all the holy scriptures across the globe. We know the process as Meditation and in more specific terms spiritual awareness. Hence the meditation is nothing but just having the awareness of the awareness itself. But doing that it’s a magical trick which we will try to learn and practice.


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The course is specially designed to give you a better understanding of yourself and your inner world. This extremely practical, experiencial and traditional approach of training will give participants a chance to go deeper into themselves to bring the best out of life and to transmit it further. This program will definetily enhance your spiritual experiences and give you new insight to the world of yoga.

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101/4 Bairo Alto, Assagao Bardez, Assagao, North Goa, Goa, India.  Pin/Zip Code : 403507
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Rajesh Dubey

101/4 Bairo Alto, Assagao Bardez, Assagao, Goa 403507