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Half-Day Symposium On Software, Electronics, And Mechanical Patent Portfolios

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Half-Day Symposium On Software, Electronics, And Mechanical Patent Portfolios
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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IIPRD Consulting
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Law Firm
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About The Symposium:

With Patents becoming a core part of existing economic ecosystem, particularly for Software, Information Technology, IoT, Embedded Systems, and Telecom industries, exploitation of Patent Portfolio has become an industry in itself, especially with the cost of development and protection of the portfolio being enormous. It is therefore crucial to understand important Patent issues, not only by In-House IP Counsels but even more importantly by R&D Scientists so as to minimize efforts in Patent Development, and maximize commercial gains. It is crucial to understand nitty-gritty’s of patent portfolio creation, protection, management, and commercialization, without which there would always remain an for a serious blow either from an infringement perspective or from a patent invalidation perspective or the portfolio would remain under-commercialized. Exclusivity rights granted through patents can only be utilized if there is comprehensive knowledge of various patent related issues, more so when National Patent Laws & Practices relating to prosecution practices, drafting practices, examination practices, enforcement practices and commercialization practices differ substantially across geographies. Furthermore, with growing clarity concerns on Software Patentability in India, and new guidelines coming out for Computer related Inventions (CRI), it is imperative to understand how such guidelines are actually being implemented in real-life Patent applications. Sessions of the Seminar would also help understand how Indian Companies Strategize in view of the dynamic policy changes in the software industry. Lastly, with a number of cases being filed in 2015-16 on FRAND issues, it is very critical for all concerned stakeholders to understand how such litigations may impact them, how standard patents are being interpreted and challenged these days, along with how Competition Commission and other like regulatory bodies are handling complex royalty rate and unfair competition issues. The Seminar would answer clearly on all issues mentioned above and much more.

How The Symposium Is Unique:

The proposed seminar is represented by a very strong and top- notch line-up of speakers from Law Firms and the Industry, wherein such speakers come from a variety of different backgrounds such as from Telecom, Software, Cellular/Mobile Technology, and Electronics Domains, and therefore offer a unique value proposition to the seminar attendees. The Seminar features presentation of important patent issues, as mentioned in this brochure. The speakers are a unique gathering of Patent Attorneys and In- House/Legal Counsels from leading Indian Corporates, who have extensive years of experience in their professional fields and are well acquainted with the Industry’s need. These speakers will put across, to the delegates, a real insight of Patent Laws, Interpretation of CRI guidelines, FRAND based issues for Standard Patents, best practices for prosecuting, licensing and litigating Patents/IPs, and Portfolio Development Processes/ Strategies.

Why Attend:

This is an opportunity when Patent Experts, Litigators, and Legal Counsels from varied backgrounds and having enormous expertise carrying different perceptions would be interacting with limited delegates and would answer to any question that the delegates may have.

For Any Query Contact:

For Mumbai: Contact Person: Mr. R. Srinivasan Mobile: +91-7011512524 Email:, Ph: +91-120-4296878, 4909201, 4516201

For Bangalore: Contact Person: Mr. Ankur Sehgal, Mobile: +91-9972211864Email: Ph: +91-80- 41147035

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Registration Fees: Indian Delegates:    INR 4,000/- Per Delegate Foreign Delegates: USD 100/- Per Delegate
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Le Meridien (Opposite Bangalore Golf Club), Bangalore  Pin/Zip Code : 201308
Opposite Bangalore Golf Club
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IIPRD, E-13, UPSIDC Site-IV, Kasna Road, Greater Noida-201308, UP, India

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