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Entering The U.S. Market: Starting, Scaling, Funding & Immigration Strategies.

Entering The U.S. Market: Starting, Scaling, Funding & Immigration Strategies., Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Entering The U.S. Market: Starting, Scaling, Funding & Immigration Strategies.
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Start Business In America
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Do you have a great business or a business idea, yet aren't sure how to expand and become a global business? 

This is your opportunity to have an interactive session with Mr. Venkat Ramineni, who has mentored 1000+ companies start and grow business in USA. He will answer all your questions on how to start, fund and scale your business in USA with anecdotes from his 3 decades of personal experiences. 

You will get to learn numerous topics, including:

1. No presence in the U.S.? How and where do you start a company in the U.S.?
2. How to open a Bank Account without going to the U.S.?
3. Spent $500K on salaries and learned you hired the wrong team? How to hire right in the U.S.?
4. Should you hire locally or transfer from your Indian company?
5. Under Trump Administration: Why immigration is harder than acquiring clients?
6. L-1 visa: Is it the only option to manage a new company in the U.S.?    
7. Launching your product or services in the U.S.? What’s the minimum investment?    
8. How do you get customers if you don’t have $1 million budget?    
9. How to raise smart funds from big name angels and venture capitalists?
10. M&A: How to acquire a U.S. company and synergize with the Indian business?    
11. Want to manufacture in the U.S., what are the concessions?    
12. Put U.S. free trade agreements with 20 countries to your benefit.    
13. Non-resident and can’t raise funds from the U.S. Banks? You have alternatives!     
14. Want to get a Green Card? Learn your options. 
15. You are at $100 Million, what’s the exit strategy?    
16. Sold your business? Invest in U.S. Real Estate and get a faster ROI.

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₹ 500 onwards
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