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Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest – Symposium

Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest – Symposium, Thessaloniki, Thessaly, Greece
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Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest – Symposium
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27-11-2017 to 29-11-2017
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Thessaloniki, Thessaly, Greece

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Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Thessaloniki, Thessaly, Greece

 of the AREQ Conference, IEREK is proud to introduce its Alternative and Renewable Energy Quest Symposium: a second version. This symposium is organized by IEREK and seeks to disseminate knowledge of the integration of technologies of renewable and alternative energy in physical design.Since the world is in dire need of finding alternative sources of energy for the future of our society, this symposium will be discussing Alternative and Renewable energies as a method to stabilizing the climate and battling global warming in a world where technologies have been growing significantly. The Symposium will be an attempt at social awareness and will allow for the presentation of academic research that will be relevant to on-site implementation.

  • From territorial to building scale, the energy question has turned to be essential in physical planning and design. The integration of alternative energy technology in Cities, Districts and Buildings will significantly decrease the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions, thus having a positive environmental impact on our entire planet.
  • The AREQ symposium is a platform for all researchers, academics, institutions, and societies to keep up with new developments and exchange ideas and solutions in theory and practice.

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ARChive : € 100 for a maximum of 12 pages (extras will be charged €15 each) For High-quality manuscripts: ESSD or Springer’s book Series Fees for Authors with video streaming € 300 Fees for Authors € 250 Publication Fees in ARChive € 100 Video Streaming Fees € 50 Fees for Attending Audience Members and co-authors € 150 Fees for non-attending co-authors € 50
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