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2018 The 23rd China International Health Industry Expo - Exhibition in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China on April 2018 by Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Group.

Exhibition Information

2018 The 23rd China International Health Industry Expo

2018 The 23rd China International Health Industry Expo, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Exhibition Title
2018 The 23rd China International Health Industry Expo
Event Type
Exhibition Date
08-04-2018 to 10-04-2018
Last Date for Applying
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Organization Name / Organize By
Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Group
Organizing/Related Departments
Overseas Maketing
Organization Type
Event Organizing Company
Exhibition Category
Both (Technical & Non Technical)
Exhibition Level
Related Industries

Business Development



Food Processing

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

2018 China International Health Industry Expo

Concurrent event:2018The 7th World Health Industry Conference

Beijing event:

April 8-10,2018

Beijing-China International Exhibition Center (Hall 1A,1B,1-2A,1-2B,6,7,8A,8B)

Shanghai event:

August 15-17,2018

Shanghai New International Expo Center (Hall N3,N4)



China International Communication Promotion Association For Medical & Health Care

China Health Care Nutrition Council

Shibowei International Exhibition Group


Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Shibowei (Shanghai) Expo Co.,Ltd.

ES International Co.,Ltd (Korea)


China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health care

China National Health Association Drinking Healthy Committee

Korea Gangwon Technopark

Embassy of Sri Lanka in China

Korea Organic Farming Association

If you have the following products ,you can reserve the booth in advance:

1.Nutrition and Health Food areas;                2.Health care (functional) products areas

  1. Enzymes and Enzyme related products;           4.Beauty and slimming products areas
  1. sugar-free products areas                       6.Diet therapy medicinal food;
  1. Food package machine                        8.Health services areas

1.Special food & Drinks areas

(organic food,organic drinks,organic condiment,organic medicinal herbs)

2.Organic products areas:

(organic ingredients and fragrances products;organic cotton products;natural cosmetics and personal care products;natural fibers and textiles products) industry services

Associations;certification and control services;market and management consultancy

4.import products of organic food and natural products

  1. High-end edible oil;             2.Nutrition edible oil;

3.Special healthy edible oil;        4.Many kinds of flavored oils

5. corollary equipment of edible oil

  1. Sweetmeats,chocolate & snack food
  2. Beverage juice,drinking water & instant drink;
  3. Coffee,teas & electuary series;
  4. Beer,fruit wine,spirit and wine;
  5. Milk dairy products & egg products;
  6. Cookies,cake and bakery products;
  7. Instant noodles,freeze-dried food &seasoning;
  8. Catering food & ice cream;
  9. Food container,package equipment and food machine;
  10. Flavoring & ingredient products;
  11. Natural High-end packing Drinking Water

(Natural mineral water,Glacier water,natural soda water,natural weak alkaline water,mountain water,snowmelt,tea water,oxygen treatment water,plant water,medical mineral water etc;

  1. Function drinking water & drinking water equipment

Deuterium depleted water,oxygen treatment water,hydrogen water,small molecule water,alive water machine,lonized water,electrolyte water machine,high energy alive water,rich hydrogen machine,alkaline water machine,multi-function water cup

  1. High-end water relevant services

1Mobile cloud,wearable devices in medical industry;  2.system,software

  1. Health management         4.Intelligent testing equipment;
  1. Elderly service products;      6.Health care & Rehabilitation
  1. Massage,spa products;       8.Elderly assistive Technology and aids products
  1. Medical Tourism and aged service industry
  2. 10.Nursing care ,senior care,Livable Building

Others Details

The 23rd China (Beijing) International Health Industry Expo ,which will takes place at China International Exhibition Center during April 8-10,2018 and covers the areas of 40,000 square meters (Hall 1A,1B,1-2A,1-2B,6,7,8A,8B).It is well-known as “The largest health industry expo in China”

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International Exhibition Center, No.6,Bei-San-Huan East Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing,China.  Pin/Zip Code : 100123
Official Email ID
Chris Jia

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