Training Course in Customer Service and Retention Training

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  • Location Nairobi, Kenya
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  • Date 21-03-2022 - 25-03-2022
Training Course in Customer Service and Retention Training, Nairobi, Kenya
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Training Course in Customer Service and Retention Training
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21-03-2022 to 25-03-2022
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Nairobi, Kenya
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Nairobi, Kenya


This fast moving, highly interactive Customer Service and Retention training course draws upon the very latest thinking, tools and research into customer behaviours and the psychology of buying to enable attendees to fully understand what is required to ensure their customers, whether they be external ‘paying’ customers, or internal ‘colleague’ customers, get the very best experience possible. This training course delves into the precise meaning of value, what it is that customers actually value and what an organisation can do to ensure it, perhaps uniquely, can deliver it. Application of the tools and techniques demonstrated on this training course will enable attendees to provide dramatic increases in Customer service, leading to customer retention and increased revenues. It will also show how organizations can fully harness the power of Social Media to augment their brands and create meaningful dialogues with Customers.



5 Days



By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the true meaning of value and how customer service is the key to success
  • Improve service delivery standards, reflected in higher levels of customer satisfaction and sustainable bottom line profits
  • Understand how to build a customer focused culture
  • Learn how to lead customer service performance and professionalism in their organisation
  • Learn how improving customer service will improve business performance and the customer’s experience
  • Gain the necessary skills to recruit, train and motivate staff
  • Understand how to develop and improve internal service standards
  • Use the latest online tools (including Social Media) to create meaningful, enduring and profitable relationships with customers.



Day 1: The Business Case for Customer Service Excellence

  • Why excellence in customer service is a hot business boardroom issue
  • Understanding what your customers expect
  • Benchmarking for competitive success
  • Understanding that benchmarking is not alwaysthe answer
  • Meeting and exceeding changing customer expectations
  • Assessing your organisational culture for customer service focus
  • Core foundations for building a customer centric culture
  • Overcoming obstacles to customer service excellence


Day 2: Improving Customer Service Standards

  • Showing your customers you are serious about providing customer service excellence
  • Resolving customer service challenges positively
  • The six hats problem solving approach
  • Shifting perceptual positions
  • Resolving complaints, disputes and conflict
  • Role modeling top performers in customer service
  • Moving closer to the customer – rapport skills to build better relationships


Day 3: Creating a Culture of Service Excellence through Continuous Learning

  • What is a learning organization?
  • Creating a vision for customer service excellence and continuous learning in your organization
  • Applying continuous learning strategies to customer service excellence
  • Planning for change – using the Neurological levels model
  • Leading by example – teaching others through behavioural excellence
  • There is no failure only feedback – moving forward for personal and business growth
  • Building team work, cooperation and collaboration with colleagues


Day 4: Hiring Excellent Customer Service Personnel

  • The importance of a strong value set in customer service delivery excellence
  • Core customer service qualities and competencies
  • The transferability of customer service skills
  • Retaining and motivating your best people
  • Developing staff engagement in the business
  • Understanding the psychological contract and its impact on staff
  • Using rewards and incentives to motivate performance
  • The importance of the team leader/supervisor in frontline staff employment
  • Addressing ‘real life’ work challenges in customer service excellence


Day 5: Let’s Get Social

  • Understanding Best Practice in Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Others (including Snapchat, eMail etc.)
  • How to develop a Social Media Campaign
  • Getting found online – effective SEO strategies
  • Events – Looking them in the eye
  • Action planning to take the learning back and develop it further
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USD 900, KES 80,000
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Fahari Palace Apartments, along Church Road, Nairobi Kenya  Fahari Palace Apartments, along Church Road, Nairobi Kenya 
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