A major goal for Shadowlands is to enhance the agency of players

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A major goal for Shadowlands is to enhance the agency of players
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15-10-2022 to 30-11-2022
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In the discussion on stage at Blizzcon 2019 in WoTLK Gold Francisco, a major goal for Shadowlands is to enhance the agency of players. While the new expansion is expected to follow a somewhat linear narrative that takes players through the main locations and introduce you different factions, it'll provide you with plenty of opportunities to make important decisions. You'll select a faction you want to join, and it will come with an ending story to complete, and provide players with options that are incorporated into your appearance and equipping.

In the words of director of production John Hight and senior game designer Johnny Cash explained in an interview with P2Pah the game's entry point into Shadowlands will begin by taking you through its four major areas: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. In each, you'll meet a different Covenant--Shadowlands ruling groups--and talk with their leaders, while completing quests that give you a sense of who all these people and what they're after.

"We would like to have the best story arc for Shadowlands," Hight explained. "So this time, we're going to walk you through all part of the Covenants in a linear order to ensure that the story and the conflict and alliances that exist across the Covenants can be explained. When we've allowed players to have the choice of going to a specific zone or another, that's great, and the stories are kind of self-contained. I believe that we've done a amazing job with this especially in [Battle of Azerothin Battle for Azeroth. It's important too, because these Covenants were completely unknown. It's not something included on World of Warcraft lore. It's essential to let us roll out the game for players and show the interplay between them."

Attending every one of the Covenants and understanding about their purpose can prepare you for the important decision when you reach the maximum level. In that moment you'll be able choose one Covenant to join, which will offer you specific options in how you cheap WoTLK Classic Gold also new capabilities specific to the class that are exclusive to the Covenant.

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