News Post Guidelines

We request our guests to follow a set of guidelines while posting news on our site. This will demarcate our as well as your responsibility on each posting. Therefore, it will usher to a complete transparency.

Guidelines for News:

  • All news that you submit on our site must be original and free from plagiarism. You shall be held responsible for any legal issue in the case of a plagiarism.
  • Avoid using unsavoury words. Failing this, we may delete your news arbitrarily citing no reason.
  • If you are sharing a news published earlier with some other site, you must mention it while sharing the same with us and permission to reproduce the news on our site must be obtained by you.
  • All news must be non-fictional and contemporary. You may include HD (High Definition) photographs to make the news authentic and interesting.
  • Do not write any promotional news on our site. We, however, shall reserve the right to advertise on the page that will be free from the conflicting interest of the news.
  • Please follow a simple and aligned text format for the news writing.
  • All news must be in English.
  • We give credit of a news to its writer. So, please mention a short biodata at the end of a news.

We reserve the right to proofread and edit your news or as may be required based on the scope of work on your news.